About Harley Kennels

We are a small countryside boarding cattery owned by Linda Wilbur.

We are not involved in dog or cat breeding and this means that all our time is devoted to the care of our animal guests. Pets enhance our lives in many ways; they bring us affection and make us laugh. They are an intrinsic part of family life. When staying at Harley Kennels we recognise the special place that your pet holds in your heart and home. We respect your pets and try to make their time with us as stress free as we can. Of course they will miss their family - just as you will miss them, but we aim for peace of mind for owners and a positive experience for pet and owner alike.

We offer time for your animals whilst they are in our care. We talk to them, play with them and share their days.


We spend as much time outdoors as possible with our Guests and whilst our Feline visitors don't get the benefit of a walk on the lead, they get playtime and cuddles at regular intervals.

Fresh food and water, comfortable beds and a clean kennel and cat cabin are of the highest priority. Older animals can enjoy a relaxed pace of life and the young and energetic are encouraged to let off steam.

Medication can be administered if required and we would welcome treats or favourite toys to make the stay a home from home.